The nightmare that is Kelly Rutherford’s international custody battle

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Actress Kelly Rutherford starred as glam-mom Lily van der Woodson on “Gossip Girl,” a delightfully guilty pleasure of a television drama. Lily swanned around Manhattan’s high-end zip codes, unaffected by the roiling, soapy family crises that were the show’s stock-in-trade.

But Rutherford’s recent star turn in a high-profile, protracted child custody dispute has filled television screens with a different image: that of a suffering mother grimly departing a downtown courthouse following another setback in her bid to persuade a judge to return her two young children, Hermes and Helena, from their father, Daniel Geirsch, in Monaco.

The actress has every right to look grim: International child custody disputes are among the most complicated, excruciatingly difficult battles parents and family lawyers can face.


These disputes are a consequence of a more mobile, global era, and their numbers are on the rise. “We’re seeing more and more…

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